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Posted on September 16, 2017


Project Desciption


Economics research paper help needed!

Need to write 15 pages double space literature review on price discrimination in the certain industry.

Guideline provided by the professor :

Select a firm practice that interests you. In preparation for undertaking the research, you should evaluate the industries and major firms to which this practice appears to be important. Compare and contrast: why is this practice more prevalent in one industry than another? Why does firm X adopt this practice more than firm Y?

For a theoretical study write a literature review on the recent models proposed by academic economists to explain some aspect of the chosen firm practice

The practice I want to write about is price discrimination and I prefer writing reviews on gasoline industry.


Skills Required

Academic Writing


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Format - Specify the expected writing style:mla
Deadline - Kindly specify when you paper is due:2 june 2019

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