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Health care is one of the most
heavily regulated industries. There are laws which are specific to operating a
health care facility, and laws which pertain to employment regardless of the
specific industry. In this assignment, you will identify a specific employment
law which is relevant within the health care workplace. Next, you will conduct
research on this law, and explore what it covers, why it is important, which
leaders need to assure compliance with the law, and what organizations need to
do to assure ongoing monitoring and compliance with the selected law. You are
encouraged to select an employment law with which you are not familiar. The law I chose is OSHA.
The final product for this
assignment will be an executive overview on how to comply with an employment
law that includes a new insight based upon your research. ( Hint: The
new insight might be location of a compliance audit checklist, location of a
best-practice policy, a brief summary of the law on an employment poster
created by the federal government, et cetera.) You are encouraged to be
substantive, yet concise, and to incorporate evidence from credible,
authoritative sources.
Describe a relevant employment law, and cite the
original source for the law (for example, government Web site, et cetera).
Include a brief overview of a landmark case which illustrates the law.Construct an overview of the law that includes the
rationale for the law, who is affected by the law, and related
information.Propose a method, system, process, or tool to assure
compliance with the selected employment law. ( Hint: Include
compliance audit tools, best-practices checklists, et cetera from your
research.) Make sure to explain how benchmarking processes and
best practices will be used to assure compliance.Create an executive summary of recommended strategies
for health care leaders to monitor organizational compliance with the law.
Length of paper:
3–4 double-spaced, typed pages, plus a reference list. Your paper should
be concise, yet substantive.APA formatting:
Resources and citations are formatted according to APA (current edition)
style and formatting.Resources: Use
evidence from authoritative, scholarly literature to support your

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