development of the drug Elq300 to treat Malaria, English Assignment Homework Help

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this paper has been reviewed by my peers and that is the comment the left below:”this is paper is in need of the thesis being introduced earlier on in the paper. You titled your paper Malaria drugs but from the introduction paragraph you wrote about healthcare. I think that maybe you should title your paper about the development of the drug Elq300 to treat Malaria and to introduce Malaria earlier on in the paper. You followed the rubric by including the references and proper citation. I think that you may have to use direct quote before the final draft is submitted. Overall I think that the research that you found on this drug is like all other antimicrobials and antimalaria drugs. Once the mediation has been given or not given as ordered the bacteria often mutate and a new form of the drug has to made.”kindly go over the paper attached and follow the comment and correct it.

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