ASU FIN 331 Assignment 2016

Extra credit deadline: Tuesday May 3rd, 4pmLate work won’t be accepted. Start early.Collaboration is encouraged. Each group need to turn in one and only one report. Each group can haveat most two members.Introduction: Human Height and Weight are mostly hereditable, but lifestyles, diet, health andenvironmental factors also play a role in determining individual’s physical characteristics. In 1993, astudy was by a Growth Survey of children from birth to 18 years of age recruited from Maternal andChild Health Centres (MCHC) and were used to develop Hong Kong’s current growth charts for weight,height, weight-for-age, weight-for-height and body mass index (BMI). The dataset contains records ofheights and weights for 200 teenagers at age 18. In 2015, new surveys show that the average height andweight for teenagers at age 18 is 66.85 inches and 136.25 pounds, respectively. Conduct a statisticalanalysis using the data provided. Is it showing any difference over the past 22 years?The report will be graded based on the quality of:1. describing a problem2. presenting the data (summaries and graphs are always helpful)3. presenting the results4. making a conclusion (if you have any)Don’t forget to validate the statistical methods you use. For example, if using a t-test, you need to checkthe conditions required.Suggested keywords: population of interest, variable of interest, population parameter, histogram,boxplot, QQplot, point estimate, confidence interval, hypothesis test.

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