Strategic and Operational Management Presentation

You have been tasked with improving the focus of ethical behavior and social responsibility of your organization along with driving an appreciation of diversity.

Create a 10- to 15-slide PowerPoint® presentation on the differences in strategic and operational management with presenter notes:


1) Format slides + introduction –

2) Define strategic management. (at least 2 slides) –

3) Define operational management. (at least 2 slides)

4) Explain how you will use strategic planning to reach those objectives. (at least 2 slides)

5) Explain how you will use operational planning to reach those objectives. (at least 2 slides)

6) Discuss how you would deal with the situations in a specific organization of the team’s choice. at least 2 slides. (at least 2 slides)

7) Conclusion + compile individual contributions + submit


This is an open book, non-proctored, and non-timed examination. Material covered in this examination comes from your reading assignments for the first four weeks of this class.  You must make connections to and properly cite the textbook in each of your answers.
Answers must be paraphrased (restated in your own words with no quoting permitted), properly APA format source credited – including within-answer citations and a list of references included at the end of each answer – and at least 600 words each, not counting source citations and references. Answers should be succinct, thorough, articulated in well-organized paragraphs (lists, sentence fragments and bulleted items are not permitted), and more substantive than just definitions of terms, procedures, or issues. 
To complete this exam, save a copy of the attached file on your hard drive, construct your answers below each question on a separate page per question, attach a cover page to the front and a reference list to the end (references must also be placed at the end of each question for which they were used) and upload it under the Midterm Exam assignment tab. 
NOTEAnswers copy/pasted into a student comments box attached to the assignment tab cannot be graded; a Word document or Rich-Text File formatted as instructed above must be uploaded. 
On submission your work will auto-run through’s plagiarism checker software.
The deadline for submitting this exam is Sunday at 11:55 pm Eastern Time, the end of WEEK 4 of the course.

Journal Assignment 2: Acting

Women never stepped foot or acted on the stage until the 17th Century, during England’s Restoration Period (though women had begun acting on French and Spanish stages earlier than that).  A large part of that is due to the public impression acting had.  Regardless of the gender, acting was often seen as an immoral profession for people.  Actors were often categorized as thieves, prostitutes or other immoral and disreputable members of society.  Unless an actor had achieved “star” status as an actor, he would often be considered low class.  Women, during many of these times, were expected to be wives and mothers – definitely not actresses.  If actresses were to be considered respectable, they had to be married to another member of the acting company or an established “male” acting professional in the industry.

This journal assignment requires you to answer the following questions:

  • in your opinion, is acting considered a “good” profession (regardless of the gender) or does it still have a taint of immorality attached to it?
  • why or why not?
  • as part of your response, select an actor or actress, of your choice, as an example (if you believe acting is a good profession, then include an actor that you feel is a good representation of that “good” profession, if you feel acting is still not a good profession or are mixed about it, then cite a person that you feel tarnishes the reputation of acting)
  • include an image or video link that demonstrates your explanation

Create your response, in the Assignment submission box below (not in the Comments field), as a journal or diary entry.  The Journal Assignment should be one page long, approximately 350-400 words minimum.  Be careful of spelling, grammar, capitalization, and punctuation…proofread and edit your work as necessary.  When including a video or internet link, please cite your sources.  This assignment will be graded according to the Journal Assignment Rubric (attached).

Anxiety and Phobias

Locate a movie or television show (old or current) that portrays a character with an anxiety disorder (for a list of examples, please see the attached PSY-470-Movie/TV List under the assignment tab). You are not limited to this list, but are welcome to use the shows listed.

In an essay of 500-750 words address the following:

  1. What were some of the irrational beliefs and attitudes that the characters displayed?
  2. In what way did these beliefs/attitudes manifest in the character’s behavior? 
  3. How does stress tie into anxiety?  What are some ways to modify the stress and reduce anxiety?
  4. What form(s) of therapy can assist the character?

Use one to two scholarly journal articles to support your ideas.

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

help with homework

please look to what i have attaced and answer this queastion 

Assume a taxpaying U.S. citizen files suit in federal court 
challenging the “War on Terror” as an unconstitutional war, 
and also not wanting any of his tax dollars to finance such war. 
Is this suit “justiciable?” Why or why not?


 use the constitution and case law to support your answer.

 does the taxpayer have standing?  Use the tests laid out in Allen v. Wright. 

((( don’t use any sources from internet except Allen v. Wright.)))





Form requirements:

       2 full pages, single space, but double space between paragraphs. Add some participate that I have agree with someone with my classmate.

       Do not indent paragraphs.

       italicize or underline the names of cases.

       1 inch margins on all sides and typed in 12 point Times Roman font. 

       I have attached my note for these Cases and will helps you A lot.


Please make sure follow these steps as what it is.