Linguistic Assignment

Provide a revised version of Article 2 from your original assignment containing all of the corrections. Under that, tell me the name of the dialect you’re attempting. Then provide me with the transcription. *Note* please use font size 16 and provide each word in brackets

[wɜ˞d̚]. Use the Linux Libertine font we installed earlier in the course. After this, make note of every sound change you implemented (with a brief explanation no longer than a sentence.

You need only show each sound change once. E.g., if you have the word nurse [nɜ˞s], I don’t

need to see that [ɜ˞] becomes [ɜɹː] again (because you already showed me with word (above!). See the following example/ layout:

[a͜ɪ ̃ ] [nʷo͜ʊ] [wɜ˞ds̬], [a͜ɪ] [h̤ æˑv] [ðə] [bɛst̚ ] [wɜ˞ds̬] – Donald Trump

Dialect: US hick

[ãː]˩˥ [nʷə͜ʊ ̃ ː]˥˩ [wɜɹ ̃ ː˞ds̬], [ãː]˩˥ [hɜ͜ɪː ̃ v]˥˩ [də ̃ ] [bɜ͜ɪs ̃ t̚ ] [wɜɹ ̃ ː˞ds̬]- Redneck Donald Trump

• Loss of 1 st person pronominal diphthong [a͜ɪ] → [aː] o Preservation of [a] from the [a͜ɪ] diphthong (lowering).

• Some creaky voice e.g., [nʷo͜ʊ ̃ ː]

• Vowels (excluding schwa) and rhotics undergo lengthening.

• [æ] undergoes diphthongization and raising to [ɜ͜ɪ]

• Loss of breathy voice on [h] due to slower speech rate.

• Most vowels undergo nasalization.

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