Political speech

* chose a political speech and give 5-6 reason why are you with or without

do not chose any topic about the president  

* have 3 factual sources about that it should be from book or google scalar  tell about theses sources

Fill in the outline 


General Purpose:

Political Speech 

Specific Purpose:

To get the audience to see it from the point of you and move them to action 

Central Idea:

To convince the audience ……





(Creative title of your own)

General Purpose:

(Type of Speech)

Specific Purpose:

(The definition of the type of speech)

Central Idea:

(The assignment)

Introduction: Is your Thesis Statement.

                          (The idea you are trying to advance, no less than a paragraph.)

  1. Why did you make that statement (your thesis statement)?


  1. What are you talking about?
  2. Where did you get your information?


  1. What ever your closing is?


  1. List you your factual information (Three for in class speeches & five for the Mid-term exam and Final).

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