Threat Assessment Paper


Final Assessment: (3-4 pages, double spaced, 12 pt  font, 1-inch margins).  The threat briefing is an essay about an  important contemporary topic written for an informed audience.  You  should address the questions located below,  making a strong argument on behalf of your thesis and developing your  conclusion based on evidence from the lectures and required readings in  weeks 1 through 7.  

Please note, the threat briefing must be submitted in six separate paragraphs (A, B, C, D, E, and F).

Address the following questions: 

A) Identify a key target relevant to U.S. National Security that could be the subject of an attack.  

B) Conduct a threat assessment on that target  (your threat assessment should identify the target and the potential  threats). In identifying the target, discuss its; 

C) relevance to national security and its key  vulnerabilities (what would be the impact if the target was the subject  of an attack?)  

D) In identifying threats, discuss the threat’s  strengths, weaknesses, probability of occurring, and potential severity  were it to occur (prioritize the threats, identifying which one should  command the most attention and which the least). 

E) Layout potential ways to protect the target and note cost the increased security entails. 

F) Given your analysis, what steps should policymakers and national leaders take to better secure the target?

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