Executive summary


For this assignment, you will write an executive summary for the attached article.

Review the Executive Summaries PowerPoint. Then, read the article (attached here) and write an executive summary about the article. Remember, it should be between 1 paragraph and 1 page long. You should draw out the most important points of the article. Use the format and layout that you feel works best. Remember, you can include bullet points, lists, headings, and so on if they make your summary easier to read. Remember if you use headings and terminology to reference the article, your headings and terminology should correspond to what the reader will find in the article.

Remember–executive summaries should not include information that isn’t in the article. Whether or not you agree with the document, your goal is to summarize it for a reader, not insert your own opinion! To help you practice this, I purposely chose an article that I hope you have a strong emotional response to. I should not know, after reading your summary, whether you agree or disagree with the article.

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