1)  Read the following scenario.

You are interested in looking at sexual harassment on campus at CCP.  You use simple random sampling to select 3000 of the 30,000 students who are currently attending CCP and send them a survey about sexual harassment at CCP via snail mail.  Of the 3000 students, you send the survey to, 300 students fill the survey out and return it.  Of those 300 responses, 30 students reported being sexually harassed on a CCP campus.  In other words, 10% of the students who responded to the survey reported being sexually harassed on campus.  

2) Write a 1-2 paragraph response that addresses the following question

If 10% of the respondents reported that they had been sexually harassed on campus, does it follow that 10% of ALL CCP students have been sexually harassed on campus?  In other words, do the results from the sample generalize to the population?  Why or why not?  

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